So much as happened since I last posted

Hi folks:

First of all,  I don’t have my Apple Watch, I have a Gear Sport which works amazingly.

2nd of all, I am now at about 137.7 pounds, give or take a few .5. Slow but sure.

Third of all,  I did not like the new Freestyle plan on Weight Watchers and I’ve decided to go back to Smartpoints.

Long story short, FS was too restrictive to me. I like carbs, I like to go to restaurants!

Smartpoints always worked for me, it felt like second nature!

You get into a routine. Not so with Freestyle. I think how WW dropped the ball is taking away the 7 points from your day. That really put a dent in things.

So many feel the same way I do! It’s amazing! I’m glad that on Connect we support each other no matter what plan we do.

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