I’m gonna pour my heart out here.

This is what works folks:

Commitment: learning that this is not a quick fix scheme but something for the rest of your life! Every single day.

Dedication: Sticking with the plan no matter what, whether you’re on vacation or it’s the weekend or you are out with friends, you stay true to yourself every single day. You have boundaries! You stay within them. Because it’s good for you to do that. And you like the results from that.

Creativity: You learn that you don’t have to be limited. You can figure out how to make healthy, but satisfying meals and even have treats every once in awhile because you learned from everyone who you’re connected to how to do that! Yay 2 ingredient bagels, yay for 3-2-1 cake haha.

Patience: This is the most important aspect! Being patient with your body, with the plan, with yourself. Weight is not a linear thing, it’s up and down, levels off, goes up, goes down, but as long as you are working the plan, you have nothing to fret about. You will see results. Sometimes from working out…inches are gone instead of the pounds. Sometimes the pounds all of a sudden go, an ounce here, and ounce there…but this is for life, so no matter what you will see results.

Diligence and Discipline: This goes along with dedication! You want to eat right and find good foods to make? You want to learn what restaurants to go to or not go to? You need to do the work. It is work, it is discipline! Sorry, there is no way around it. So you’re in a store and those cookies are shouting at you. You shout back. You have the upper hand, not them.

Mental mindsets and words: Try changing your words about what you say regarding foods: Don’t go, oh man if I had that in the house I would eat the whole thing. Don’t set yourself up for that. Instead try: I can have that within moderation. Maybe not today but eventually I will!

Anyway, hope this helps someone. It helped me!

Blessings folks…..

Our Group Return to 30 is Growing

As of March 25, 2018 we are at 12,135 members! That’s 12000 plus members who realized that Weight Watchers has failed them with the Freestyle plan. I’m so glad we have a place for them to come and share their stories!

Another Accomplishment

Well I guess disasters can fuel solutions!

We now have over 3000 members on our Back to Smartpoints™ group and now we have a new website:

We are so excited! We are able to stay in touch and help each other.

Our group Return to 30 Beyond the Scale is growing!

It’s always so nice to find like minded people. In the world of Weight Watchers it really helps when you have the support of your peers. Something has happened recently with the Weight Watcher plan that has thrown many of its members a curve ball. They changed the plan on us and for many it’s not working. Without getting into detail I just want to say that a beautiful group was born out of this debacle. We have a website

So much as happened since I last posted

Hi folks:

First of all,  I don’t have my Apple Watch, I have a Gear Sport which works amazingly.

2nd of all, I am now at about 137.7 pounds, give or take a few .5. Slow but sure.

Third of all,  I did not like the new Freestyle plan on Weight Watchers and I’ve decided to go back to Smartpoints.

Long story short, FS was too restrictive to me. I like carbs, I like to go to restaurants!

Smartpoints always worked for me, it felt like second nature!

You get into a routine. Not so with Freestyle. I think how WW dropped the ball is taking away the 7 points from your day. That really put a dent in things.

So many feel the same way I do! It’s amazing! I’m glad that on Connect we support each other no matter what plan we do.

Back Down to 137.7

People who have been on WW for sometime now can attest to this: the reason we have a hashtag #NSV which means non scale victory is because many victories are beyond the scale.  If you keep on going and doing what you are supposed to be doing: tracking, drinking water, making sure you are eating the right foods, you will see results. Today the scale was nice to me….I’ve been able to stay in the high 130’s which took forever to get to. I’m blessed that I have been making progress. My goal is about 129 or so, little by little it will happen.

.2 and I’ll take it.

I think WW is the only place where you’ll celebrate losing .2 of a pound.

Because we know that slow and steady wins the race

I have 6 lbs to go to goal but I’m really pushing for the low end of the BMI scale or 129 which ever comes first.


Just keep swimming! LOL

So Many New Folks on WW…this is for you

There has to be a specific event in your brain that makes WW work for the long haul. That thing is determination! WW is not something to try then leave or just play around with. I like to say it’s a “weigh” of life! If you want to be thin for the rest of your life…this is it baby!

Its really common sense…tracking…eating the right foods…saying no to the wrong ones…portion control. Exercise…drinking water…all works together. What really puts it all together is connect! We support and inspire one another.

Learning How To Choose

As you stay on the plan…you get very wise about choices. And that’s a good thing. Your days of shoveling in junk and any food that comes down the pike are over.

Your body knows what it needs. And you learn to be attentive to that.

Over A Year And a Half Now

I’ve been with Weight Watchers since January 2016. It was the best decision for me. Not only am I healthier, happier, more confident about how I look…but I just truly enjoy the discipline and control over what I eat. I’ve lost 43 pounds and being a size 8 is mind boggling. I had been size 16 for so long! When I turned 60 I decided: time to get off that chub! I’m shooting for another 20 pounds but I’m sticking with this for life. What’s awesome about this program is it’s portable lol…you take it with you anywhere! It’s just a “weigh of life”.

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