Attitude is everything 

I posted this on Connect but it bears repeating. In my daily travels I come across all sorts of folks who have had various experiences with weight watchers.

There are the lifetime folks…rocking the plan and staying thin for 20..30 years!

There are the folks who have done the plan but “fell off the wagon” and then decided enough is enough. They came back and decided …this is it.

There are the folks currently on Weight Watchers like I am…losing weight amongst plateaus but still going forward and staying on course.

There are the folks who know weight watchers works but are not ready to make the commitment…I can respect that.

But today I ran into a “special case”…this made me shake my head in wonderment. I met a lady who said she had lost 30 pounds on weight watchers…but had gained 8 pounds and even admitted she’s slowly putting it back on because she just stopped doing it. I asked her…what forever for? Why would you do that? She seemed like she didn’t care and had no desire to stop being on the destructive cycle. I pray that she sees the light. I pray none of us ever get like that!

Cravings and how to address them

I have to admit…after being on Weight Watchers for a year…I’ve learned to live without a lot of high calorie, high fat foods and that is not a problem at all. Tonight I went to a restaurant where I usually have a salmon salad. Tonight I wanted a hamburger and I gave into that craving and that’s okay. I tracked it…I didn’t eat the bun and I didn’t have French Fries.

You see, it’s not wrong to treat yourself once in awhile as long as it’s not exorbitant. Everyone needs a treat.

It’s a win win.

How important to health is weight loss and fitness?

You would think that the question is rhetorical…that it’s a no brainer.

Unfortunately in our society it’s a question that many people do not ask themselves until the doctor says it’s time to do something about the weight issue.

Thankfully many who are currently on WW including myself had an epiphany and realized that now was the time. 

Instead of taking meds for sickness we are healthy!

The “side effects” of weight watchers is:

You look younger! You fit in smaller clothes! You feel better! You have more energy! You know when you are full and have had enough! It’s truly side effects you can live with!

It’s amazing how much WW changes your whole life!

They say that it takes about 30 days to get a habit started or broken. Once you are on Weight Watchers for awhile you see yourself become a whole different person in various aspects of your life. You learn to make good choices in regards to food, exercise and find yourself in control. That does consequently affect other choices, etc etc. You become healthier and that affects your ability to do more activities. It’s a win win situation.

Restaurant Reminders

When I go to a restaurant, I make sure to find what I would make at home if I could. For instance: is there a lean protein included in the meal? Salad? Are dressings and sauces on the side or mixed in? Can I ask it for on the side? What is the ratio of carbs to protein? Are calories listed? Is it trackable? Too much sodium? And last but not least, will I feel ok after having it?

Are all foods worth spending your points on?

Sure, you can have what you want as long as you track it, but are all foods worth it?

For instance: at Applebees, my hubby got a dessert. I just asked for fresh fruit, which was sweet enough. I looked up the point value of his Chimi Cheesecake and it was 44 points! Wow! First of all, I don’t like things like that anymore. Most things don’t entice. Many times, I just leave things like that alone. And it doesn’t bother me. There are plenty of foods that can satisfy the sweet tooth that are WW friendly such as Healthy Choice Fudge Bars, and even a small square of dark chocolate. So to answer the question, no not all foods are worth spending your points on. You learn to choose wisely.

Just had a Jersey Mikes Sub

Meat…cheese…veggies…bread…what’s not to like? And as long as you track it and it’s in your points, it’s very doable. We make sure to have lean meats. We substitute turkey for pepperoni.

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