I’m gonna pour my heart out here.

This is what works folks:

Commitment: learning that this is not a quick fix scheme but something for the rest of your life! Every single day.

Dedication: Sticking with the plan no matter what, whether you’re on vacation or it’s the weekend or you are out with friends, you stay true to yourself every single day. You have boundaries! You stay within them. Because it’s good for you to do that. And you like the results from that.

Creativity: You learn that you don’t have to be limited. You can figure out how to make healthy, but satisfying meals and even have treats every once in awhile because you learned from everyone who you’re connected to how to do that! Yay 2 ingredient bagels, yay for 3-2-1 cake haha.

Patience: This is the most important aspect! Being patient with your body, with the plan, with yourself. Weight is not a linear thing, it’s up and down, levels off, goes up, goes down, but as long as you are working the plan, you have nothing to fret about. You will see results. Sometimes from working out…inches are gone instead of the pounds. Sometimes the pounds all of a sudden go, an ounce here, and ounce there…but this is for life, so no matter what you will see results.

Diligence and Discipline: This goes along with dedication! You want to eat right and find good foods to make? You want to learn what restaurants to go to or not go to? You need to do the work. It is work, it is discipline! Sorry, there is no way around it. So you’re in a store and those cookies are shouting at you. You shout back. You have the upper hand, not them.

Mental mindsets and words: Try changing your words about what you say regarding foods: Don’t go, oh man if I had that in the house I would eat the whole thing. Don’t set yourself up for that. Instead try: I can have that within moderation. Maybe not today but eventually I will!

Anyway, hope this helps someone. It helped me!

Blessings folks…..

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