Attitude is everything 

I posted this on Connect but it bears repeating. In my daily travels I come across all sorts of folks who have had various experiences with weight watchers.

There are the lifetime folks…rocking the plan and staying thin for 20..30 years!

There are the folks who have done the plan but “fell off the wagon” and then decided enough is enough. They came back and decided …this is it.

There are the folks currently on Weight Watchers like I am…losing weight amongst plateaus but still going forward and staying on course.

There are the folks who know weight watchers works but are not ready to make the commitment…I can respect that.

But today I ran into a “special case”…this made me shake my head in wonderment. I met a lady who said she had lost 30 pounds on weight watchers…but had gained 8 pounds and even admitted she’s slowly putting it back on because she just stopped doing it. I asked her…what forever for? Why would you do that? She seemed like she didn’t care and had no desire to stop being on the destructive cycle. I pray that she sees the light. I pray none of us ever get like that!

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  1. Look up the ACEs study- really interesting study about trauma that started as an obesity study. So many reasons why we put on and keep weight on. I know I’m currently trying to understand my own struggle, not from a food-exercise perspective (that, too!), but from an emotional one. Just finding your blog! Thanks for sharing!


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