The Whoosh Effect

I remember when I first saw an article about this: I thought, what the heck is the whoosh effect? Sounds like something Buzz Lightyear would do…remember him? Um, never mind haha. But anyway. I was really enthralled about it. Turns out, it explains a lot about what is going on with your body when you are any type of weight loss plan.

In essence, the fat that was stored in your cells, when it leaves, it gets replaced by water.

So, you may be doing the same thing week after week and not see the scale budge, and then finally, it goes down. What causes the cells to finally dump the water? Interestingly enough it could be a “cheat” meal, eating something that jars the system, but most likely, after sometime when the cells do not get replenished with more fat, they empty on their own. Exercise comes in handy to tone the cells so that the squishy fat cells that aren’t filled with fat get toned and look normal.

Here’s an article that explains it:

Whoosh Effect

Here are a few more articles:

Whooshes and squishy fat

This is cute:

Your Cells Whooshing

I still haven’t found out the reason why at times you gain weight…but it could be part of the whoosh effect when you retain water.

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