Weight Watchers is like an army

I think one of the most startling attributes of weight watchers is learning discipline. Yes it’s true we can eat mostly everything within reason but what they don’t tell you straight out is that choices are everything. You learn day by day what works and what doesn’t. A 4 sp Oreo is not the same as 6 ounces of chicken worth 4 sp. Which is more filling, healthier and worth the points? Only you can make that decision. As time goes on you naturally do make the right decisions. You, in essence train your brain, your body, your soul. It’s not just a matter of losing weight but living a healthier lifestyle…being the best you can be. That’s why I call it an army! When you sign up you join the ranks of men and women who have decided to live within the restraints of 30 sp a day. Who learn to say no to “bad” foods. Who make their faces like flnt and their minds made up to get to goal!!

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